What is the Progressive Economy Academic Network?

The Progressive Economy Academic Network is a major project inside the Progressive Economy initiative. The quality and academic relevance of the project is secured through its Scientific Board, composed of leading European and international academics from the economic and social research fields.  The aim of the Academic Network is to foster theoretical and empirical research on economic and social issues, and to facilitate the transmission of this research into progressive politics, with a particular focus on European economic and social challenges. Besides the annual "call for papers", this also includes research funding across the initiative's key themes, the publication and dissemination of academic contributions through the Journal for a Progressive Economy, a programme of academic seminars, and an online membership-based networking platform.

The Progressive Economy Academic Network also provides an online platform for academics to discuss and debate issues of mutual interest. In order to enter this platform, users are invited to register here. As well as enabling users to interact with one another and to submit contributions to the website, becoming a member will give users access to sneak previews of papers submitted to our call for papers.