Progressive Economy newsletter - N°4 - 2015

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Newsletter - 04 - 2015 - Progressive Economy
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Progressive Economy Annual Forum 2015

Did you miss our Annual Forum with Thomas Piketty? You can find the documents and watch all the action again here, including Professor Piketty's keynote speech, his question and answer session with a packed audience, the announcement of our Call for Papers winners and our expert panel discussing sustainable growth.

Annual Call for Papers

Read the winning papers and meet the authors of our 2014/2015 Annual Call for Papers, as selected by Joseph Stiglitz, Jean-Paul Fitoussi and the rest of our Scientific Board. They cover topics including alternatives to austerity, inequality and the crisis, reforming European economic governance and the threat of deflation.

Progressive Economy Journal

Our next edition of the Journal will feature an exclusive interview with Professor Thomas Piketty, about his bestselling book 'Capital in the 21st Century', inequality in Europe, the Greek crisis and making the EU more democratic. It will also include all the best bits of this year's Forum, including articles from all of the winners of the Call for Papers. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more info.

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