Progressive Economy newsletter - N°1 - 2016

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Newsletter - 01 - 2016 - Progressive Economy
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Journal - The Technological Revolution

New Edition of the Journal - The Technological Revolution

The latest edition of the Journal for a Progressive Economy focuses on the technological revolution and its implications for European society. This revolution brings with it many opportunities and challenges in the areas of innovation, working conditions and equality. The Journal examines these issues, and in particular how we can use the potential of the revolution for the benefit of everyone. A printed copy can be delivered upon request.

The 2016 independent Annual Growth Survey: How can we explain slow growth in Europe?

The 2016 independent Annual Growth Survey: How can we explain slow growth in Europe?

In December 2015, Progressive Economy launched the 2016 independent Annual Growth Survey to the press and public. This is the fourth edition of the iAGS and provides detailed analysis, forecasts and recommendations on how to build a progressive and sustainable European economy. The Progressive Economy team has produced an infographic to illustrate the findings of the first chapter of the iAGS 2016, focussing on the reasons for slow growth. Further infographics will follow on other findings from the iAGS - keep an eye on our facebook, twitter and website for more information!

Progressive Economy Annual Forum 2016: Save the date!

Progressive Economy Annual Forum 2016: Save the date!

We are delighted to invite you to attend the Progressive Economy Annual Forum on Tuesday 31st May in the European Parliament. This year's highlight will be "Investment and Innovation: At the heart of European Recovery". The keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Mariana Mazzucato, well-known for her bestselling book "The Entrepreneurial State". She will discuss the role of the State as entrepreneur to promote innovation and boost growth. Keep an eye on our website for further information: registration will be launched on 1st April.

See you all on the 31st May!

Michael Hunnicke Jensen

Progressive Economy Staff Changes

The Progressive Economy team is pleased to present the new Project Coordinator, Michael Hunnicke Jensen. He has a background in political science and previously worked as an economic advisor in the Danish Parliament, and before that as a campaign organiser with Action Aid Denmark. Our colleagues Andrew Flagg and Anahi Vila will shortly take up new duties in the S&D Group Secretariat, with the Environment Committee and Culture Committee respectively.

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