A Just Jobs Index for Europe

Thursday, 17 October, 2013

The Norwegian institute FAFO and the global JustJobs Network has just been commissioned to develop a new JustJobs Index for measuring the quality of jobs in the EU in the framework of Progressive Economy's key issue activity on "Progressive Labour Markets". An international JustJobs Index (JJI) has recently been developed by the JustJobs Network and FAFO. A specific EU-based index covering all 28 member states and using more data than available at international level will be published for the first time early 2014 by Progressive Economy. This project is financed by the S&D Group in the European Parliament.

The JustJobs Index is the first international measure of its kind to offer an essential focus on employment quality to complement various indices such as the human development index. Compared with its existing international index, FAFO and the JustJobs Network have been asked to increase the number of variables significantly in order to enhance the quality of the index. EU specific indicators will be introduced in order to better reflect the current situation in Europe.

A first report on this European JJI will be published by the JustJobs Network, FAFO and Progressive Economy by early February 2014, and will be presented at a workshop during the major Progressive Economy Forum in March.