Call for Papers 2016

Tuesday, 15 November, 2016

It was my pleasure at the Annual Forum to present the awards to the winners of the Progressive Economy Call for Papers 2016.

This was the culmination of the selection process which began with the launch of the Call for Papers in September 2015.   This third edition of the Call for Papers focused on three research topics: “Reforming the Economic and Monetary Union”, “The Labour Market and the Digital and Technological Revolution” and “Financial Instruments to Foster Sustainability”.  The members of the Progressive Economy Scientific Board were responsible for selecting the most promising abstracts received, and then for evaluating the full papers submitted. 

The winners are as follows:

In the category Reforming the Economic and Monetary Union:

"Why further integration is the wrong answer to the EMU’s problems: the case for a decentralised fiscal stimulus” by Thomas Fazi and Guido Iodice

Scientific Board members found it a thought provoking paper providing an excellent discussion, and praised its original and critical thinking.

In the category The Labour Market and the Digital and Technological Revolution:

"The dynamics of profits and wages: technology, offshoring and demand” by Francesco Bogliacino, Dario Guarascio and Valeria Cirillo

Scientific Board members praised it as an economic research with an academic approach, but with a solid conceptual framework critical analysis and an interesting potential for policy implications.

In the category Financial Instruments to Foster Sustainability:

"Sustainability-oriented EU Taxes: The Example of a European Carbon-Based Flight Ticket Tax” by Margit Schratzenstaller and Alexander Krenek 

Scientific Board members judged it to be extremely well written and well-structured, and praised its sound theoretical basis and thorough and innovative empirical analysis, building on huge data sets.  They found the paper presented a far-reaching proposal for better environmental sustainability and linked it to financial governance issues. 

The winners were invited to make brief presentations of their papers at the Forum.  The full papers submitted under this year's Call for Papers can be found on the Progressive Economy website.

On the following pages you will find the winners' contributions, which the authors have adapted from their winning papers especially for publication in the Journal. 

Peter Bofinger 

Professor of Economics, Money and International Economic Relations at the University of Würzburg

Member of the Progressive Economy Scientific Board